Selecting an Uninterruptible Power Supply for your Laser Cutting Machine

Jun, 25 2020

Selecting an Uninterruptible Power Supply for your Laser Cutting Machine

UPS systems are devices that assist us in the state of blackouts and power fluctuations. The term UPS is referred to as ‘Uninterrupted Power Supply,’ and it is the perfect device to defence your computer files and hardware from power fluctuations. As we know, online UPS helps you to connect two things or to make connections between the generator start-up and utility failure. Every device is unique in its functioning, dimensions, technology, and operational efficiency. Hence it is indispensable to select the perfect UPS system based on your required applications. 

Several Online UPS Manufacturers in India that provides Online UPS systems at a reasonable price, but there are very few manufacturers that provide a final quality product which is backed up with outstanding after-sales eminence service support. 

Why We Need UPS System?

The energy emergency will not be determined until maximum use made from substitute sources of energy. However, until then, fluctuations, blackouts, and power cuts in energy will continue. In such a situation, the UPS plays a vital role in our working life. The UPS systems certify maintenance of safe voltage levels without demanding the use of battery power, and during such cases of power failures, the UPS authorizes orderly unattended cessation of equipment.  

Other Businesses & Industries Where UPS Plays a Vital Role

UPS plays an essential role in the efficient running of high-tech and powerful equipment used in an industrial setup. The working of sophisticated Laser Cutting Machine can be unfavourably affected due to fluctuations and power blackouts, and the same holds for constructions, medical applications, and so forth. 

Laser Cutting Machine needs massive starting current, and hence a higher VA rated UPS is perfect for the task. Thus, the prominent factors to check while choosing an ideal and powerful UPS Systems are listed below:

1. High efficiency


3. Power-conditioning topology

4. Indigenously designed in our art-of-state, full-fledged in-house R&D 

5. Safeguards not just backup power but Quality Power Availability

Comprehensive Power Protection

Outstanding frequency regulation (True VFI), double adaption Online UPS with galvanic isolation transformer at complete power protection, power-conditioning- offers the best in class power shield. 

Sturdy Phase voltage regulation, extreme apex factor handling, while maintaining tight phase-neutral voltage regulation below a cent per cent unbalanced load is the distinct feature of our Online UPS for laser cutting machine processing. 

Extreme crest factor design that knobs the extreme load flow without power quality derating and the UPS that is industrial grade design for the harsh setting is perfect for the laser machine processing.  

1. Laying off with hot- standby 

2. Pure Sine Wave with Isolated Output

3. Isolation transformer for more protection

4. Built-in bypass switch 

5. Tight voltage and frequency regulation

6. Galvanic isolation at the output

7. Operating ambient temperature 0-50 degrees

Above-mentioned are some of the major features that an Online UPS should comprise of while operating a laser cutting machine in its utmost efficiency.


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