Online UPS Manufacturers in India

Nexus UPS Systems is one of the popular online UPS manufacturers in India which provides UPS Online to solve energy disruption problems. Our UPS solutions are designed and developed with double conversion technology. These indigenously manufactured machines are preferred all over India and are known for high performance and high quality standards.

Online UPS is globally the most favored choice regarding ensuring any subtle electronic and electrical hardware or DATA, from power blackouts and fluctuations. It comprises three significant segments: Charger, Batteries, and inverter. Online UPS is otherwise called double-conversion UPS; for example, it takes crude utility AC power, changes over it into clean DC power, and further once more into AC to take care of the heap un-interfered with and reserve force. It utilizes a battery as a standby source of energy. In case of main supply or fluctuations past some predetermined limits, the UPS switches over automatically onto battery mode. As the utility stockpile re-establishes typical, the UPS switches back to mains mode and starts re-energizing the batteries.

Online UPS Price in India

Nexus provides a minimum Online UPS price in India so it could be easily affordable for the customers without any inconvenience in your budget. Online UPS is also referred to as the "Uninterrupted Power Supply Online." As the name itself denotes, the power remains constant in the appliances during the power cut. This means the power cut doesn't affect the operating of the appliances. Online UPS are mostly recommended to use on entire critical appliances and devices like Ultrasound Machines, ATMs, Banks, etc., as there is no switch overtime during the load shedding.

There are mainly three kinds of Online UPS:

Single Phase In - Single Phase-Out

Three Phase In - Single Phase-Out

Three Phase In - Three Phase-Out

Hence, you can choose the Online UPS according to your application's requirement and their electric connection. Online UPS are available from 1KVA to 500KVA, and you can also choose the ideal capacity of UPS as per the power requirement of your application and devices.

A Solution For Every Requirement

Nexus Has One Of The Widest Range Of Power Solutions And On- Line Ups Systems With Internal And External Batteries For Upto 12 Hours Back-Up Time

online ups SERVO

~ 10KVA - 500KVA

Advantages of Online UPS:

The most beneficial advantage of an online UPS, is its ability to provide an electrical firewall” between the incoming utility power and sensitive electronic equipment in comparison with the other types of UPS.

1. Online UPS basically provides isolation between main supply and load.

2. Inverter is always ON therefore, the quality of load voltage is free from distortion.

3. All the disturbances of supply i.e. blackout, brownouts, spikes etc. won't be there in the output.

4. Voltage regulation will be better.

5. Since inverter is always on therefore, transfer time is practically zero.

Online UPS Working Principle:

An online UPS uses a ‘double-conversion’ method of receiving AC input, rectifying to DC for passing through the rechargeable battery (or battery strings), then inverting back to 120 V/ 230V AC for empowering the protected appliances.

Online UPS supply power during such events as a blackout, voltage surge, voltage sag, or over-voltage. A double-conversion online (UPS) supplies consistent, clean, and near-ideal power regardless of incoming energy. This UPS converts incoming AC power to DC and then back to AC.

Features of Online UPS:

online ups
  • A very well-designed online UPS shields against blackouts, sags, surges, transients, sags, noise and brownouts.
  • Online UPS Price is reduced drastically.
  • The online UPS continuously reinforces clean AC power, they provide the maximum level of shield available, irrespective to utility line condition.
  • The online UPS have very complex designs than the offline UPS or hybrid types, while the price, volume and weight are higher.
  • The inverter of an online UPS system supplies continuous power to the main load.
  • Under the conditions of overloads or loads with high in rush currents that are beyond the capacity of the inverter, the static bypass switch offers mains power to the load.

Difference between Online UPS and Offline UPS:

Online UPS Offline UPS

● Online UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Sources that supplies power from the AC mains to the load via the inverter and rectifier combination.

● This UPS supply AC mains power directly to the load.

● In an online UPS, there is a continuous flow of current from the battery.

● Offline UPS only draws current from the battery during the primary power failure or power blockade.

● Online UPS needs a massive battery charger circuit as it carries the entire load current throughout.

● This UPS requires a small charger circuit as it only charges the battery.

● The load and the input supply are comprehensively isolated in Online UPS.

● There is no isolation amidst the load and the input supply.

● This type of UPS has excellent performance output because it safeguards the output load from input voltage alteration and spike.

● Offline UPSs performance diminishes with the input voltage alteration that is directly connected to the load.

● It spontaneously switches across the source, resulting in no time delay.

● This type of UPS uses a static transfer switch to switch amidst its source with a time delay of 5ms.

● We can say it remains ON all the time.

● It is not always on but switches on only at the time of power failure.

● Owing to its ON condition always, it may be inefficient and unreliable.

● It is reliable and productive as it is mostly off when unused.

● Due to the high operating temperature, Online UPS require massive heat sinks.

● Compared with online UPS, the off line UPS requires a smaller heat sink because of low operating temperature as it is in an off state most of the time.

● The component used in its operating system must have the capacity to withstand high temperatures.

● The requirement of a high-temperature tolerance component is not necessary.

● It is always expensive than offline UPS.

● Cheaper than Online UPS.

● It is used for very delicate electronics that cannot withstand any gap amidst supplies such as in-hospital ICUs.

● This sort of UPS is used for electronic equipment that can tolerate a delay of 5ms, such as computers and other devices.

Why Choose NEXUS UPS?

Promoters with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of power conditioning products

A highly qualified and experienced team of QC and Production

State of the art in house R&D Setup

Focus on high product reliability and quality assurance

Prompt and highly efficient service support

High quality components used in manufacturing

Nexus Power Systems is an ISO 9001 Certified organization

Nexus Power Systems has also obtained ISO 14001:2004

Online UPS Systems

This note will post an explanation about the Online UPS Systems. The Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems are commonly categorized as:

Static UPS Systems

Rotary (or dynamic) UPS Systems

Hybrid UPS Systems

The Static UPS Systems can be categorized into three prime categories:

Online UPS

Offline UPS

Line Interactive UPS

Components of Online UPS System:

A) Battery Charger and Rectifier

B) Inverter

C) Static Transfer Switch

D) Logic & Control System

E) Battery Bank

F) Diagnostics & Communication blocks

2. Medium and Large capacity online UPS systems requires outstanding amount of power semiconductors such as GTOs, MCT, MOSFETs, Darlington pairs are used.

3. As this large and medium Online UPS handles extensive voltage and current, they are fixed on particularly designed heatsinks. This UPS play as control elements in the rectifier blocks and inverter.

Online UPS System Operation:

1. During normal or even abnormal conditions, the inverter delivers energy from the prime through the rectifier, that charges the batteries continuously. Furthermore, it can also provide power factor modification.

2. In this way, when the power supply fails, the inverter still supplies energy to the loads from the batteries.

3. Importantly, no transfer time exists during the change from normal to stored energy modes.

4. Generally, online UPS system is a most dependable UPS configuration due to its easiness, and the nonstop charge of the batteries, this means that they are always ready for the next power outage.

5. The online UPS provides total independence amidst input and output voltage amplitude and frequency. So high output voltage quality can be obtained.

6. When an overload occurs, the bypass switch connects the load directly to the primary utility, to guarantee the unceasing supply of the load, thereby avoiding the damage to the UPS Module.

7. In this situation, the output voltage must be co-ordinated with the utility phase, otherwise the bypass operation will not be acceptable.

8. Typical competence of the Online UPS systems is up to 94%, that is limited due to the double conversion effect.

9. This online UPS system is characteristically with sensitive equipment or settings.

10. Commonly all the commercial UPS units of KVA and above are Online UPS Systems.

Excellence From The Assembly Line

nexus ups systems are built to the most exacting quality standards. using High quality components Such as: IGBTs from Eupuc, Germany; MOSFETS from International Rectifiers; Thyristor modules from Infineon & Semikron; Capacitors from Alcon, Epcos & Keltron; Transformers from Bhurji/Trusine and SMF Batteries from Exide/Quanta.

Proven as the best fit for Indian operating conditions, Nexus UPS systems come with a host of unique features that have not only won accolades, but most importantly earned the customers’ trust.

  • Controlled Charger

    ups online

    A hi-tech controlled Constant Voltage Constant Current battery charger for enhanced battery life.

  • Overload Protection

    buy ups online

    Electronic Overload Protection designed to enhance the life of your UPS system.

  • Short Circuit Shield

    online ups price

    Short Circuit Protection, designed to protect your investment in this equipment.

  • Deep Discharge Protection

    online ups price

    Battery Deep Discharge Protection prevents accidental discharge thus keeping your batteries safe.

  • IGBT Efficiency

    ups online

    A highly reliable IGBT based inverter circuit that provides greater efficiency on battery mode.

  • Galvanic Isolation

    online ups price

    Critical load isolated from spikes, surges, blackouts, brownouts and line noise.

  • 72 HRS. Soak Test

    online ups

    Each Nexus UPS system passes through a 72 hour soak test, ensuring minimal failure in the field.

  • Fastest Response

    online ups

    Nexus Customer Care has a legendary reputation both in reaction time and customer satisfaction.

A Wide Customer Base Across Verticals

What Our Customers Say About Us

No matter how much we believe in ourselves and how much talent we bring to our work, our customers are the ones who ultimately determine the quality and value of our services. they acknowledge and appreciate our work. Here is what some of them have to say about our product quality and customer care.

  • "We are using NEXUS Online UPS system for the last five years and we are fully satisfied with Nexus Power Systems delivery, quality of product and services."

    Indian Institute of Technology,

  • “We are using NEXUS UPS systems with SMF batteries. In our opinion NEXUS UPS systems are technically and performance wise very stable and ably supported by efficient service provide by Nexus Power Systems. These systems are highly recommended.”

    United Nations Industrial Development Organization

  • “After researching UPS systems for our Air Force Communication Centre, we found NEXUS product quality and customer support to be head- and shoulders above the field. All our Nexus products have performed flawlessly.”

    Senior Engineer (Communications)
    Air Force Communication Centre - Sena Bhawan

  • “NEXUS UPS systems are installed in National Load despatch Centre and also in the office of Chairman, CEA, Members and Chief Engineer. I am glad to mention that the performance of the NEXUS UPS systems are highly satisfactory and we get a very high level of after sales service support from NEXUS POWER SYSTEMS”

    Deputy Director, Central Electricity Authority,
    Government of India

  • “NEXUS has supplied online UPS with SMF batteries to our office and the same is working without any problem from the date of installation.”

    SO to CC -R&D (LS&HR)
    Defence Research & Development Organization

  • “We are using NEXUS Online UPS systems of various ratings and are satisfied with the product & service.”

    Addl. Manager
    BSES Rajdhani Power Limited

  • “We are using NEXUS UPS system for our Research Unit. NEXUS UPS are working absolutely fine and meet our standard fully. The customer service of Nexus with quick response is simply great.”

    Research Office, Central Water Commission

  • “Nexus UPS Systems supplied to us are literally guarding our computers very well and we are extremely satisfied with the prompt After Sales Service of Nexus Power Systems.”

    Director General of Civil Aviation
    Technical Centre

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Online UPS System Operation:

What is meant by online UPS?    

Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) charges the battery from the AC's main supply and further supplies power to the load via an inverter. So in times of insufficient power accumulation, there is no interference to the output supply because the battery supports the load via the inverters. The on-line UPS system is suited to sensitive applications. Online UPS takes in all types of frequencies and voltage and converts them into the constant clear flow of AC power.

What are online and offline UPS?    

Offline UPS: Offline UPS provides the AC main supply directly to the load in cases when the AC mains supply is available. In times when there is inadequate power supply, it instantly shifts to the inverter to supply power until the main supply gets back. Off-line Ups power supply is ideal for normal operation as they don't monitor incoming voltage and therefore are not convenient for all the networking systems.

On-line UPS: Online UPS differs from Offline Ups because their inverter is always connected to battery hence there is no need for a power transfer switch. Whenever there is a power failure, the inverter immediately disconnects from the circuit and the battery maintains the endless power supply without any interruption. When the power returns the inverter kicks in the circuit and resumes to supply power and charge the battery simultaneously.

What is the advantage of Online UPS over Offline UPS?    

Online UPS provides zero interference to the output load even when the supply fails as there is no transfer to battery power compared to offline UPS because they can compensate over and under power supply without the use of the battery. They manage to provide a consistent and reliable power supply to networks running applications.

Where are Online UPS used?    

Online UPS akin to its name provides an online uninterrupted power supply to the connected loads, which are critical to halt even for a fraction of a second, no matter whether it's a power outage or a brownout. All the power-sensitive electronics loads are a must to be connected to the online UPS. Otherwise, the quality of the power or even a slight surge or a spike could wreak havoc on the equipment and in turn, ruin the entire system it is connected. The downtime itself costs heavily besides rectification charges, and above all, there's nothing to surprise in case the damage gets beyond repair. Therefore, Online UPS are a must everywhere, considering the quality of the power we receive, like –

  • Hospitals and Private Clinics
  • Research Centres and Laboratories
  • Process Industries
  • Computers, Data Centres, Server rooms and Search Data Centers
  • Network operation Centres and Telecommunication Networks
  • Commercial areas with expensive equipment
  • Sensitive House-hold equipment

Which is the best online ups in India?    

When it comes to the best online UPS in India, there are several brands available in India, some are locally manufactured, and some are International brands. With over several years of experience in the power conditioning industry, Nexus UPS is one the most trustworthy and reliable brand with several industry firsts to its credit. Our brilliance in design, tailormade solutions, zero obsolescence, and nationwide terrific support make us the best online UPS in India. Based on the world’s advanced technology to meet the severe environmental and worst power conditions for applications, Nexus UPS offers an extensive range of reliable UPS that meets the need of every individual.

How does an online UPS work?    

An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source, UPS is an electrical device that offers emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the utility mains, fails. An online UPS Device is one where the UPS output is always supplying current to the load. This UPS system is an older and cheaper style that only adjusts the UPS output to the load when the prime fails, causing a momentary spike that can rest computers and create restrictions. However, with the online system, the mains uninterruptedly supply charging current to the batteries, and the UPS output is produced from the batteries; therefore, when the mains fail, there is no switching of the output voltage. Such a system also offers extra protection from short circuits and voltage shedding on the mainline.

What is the use of online UPS?    

An Online UPS is typically used to safeguard hardware such as data centers, computers, telecommunication equipment, or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, critical business disruption, or data loss. This online UPS is perfect for environments where electrical isolation is essential or for equipment that is very subtle to power fluctuations.

Is online or offline UPS better?    

Online UPS supplies power from AC mains to the load through the rectifier and inverter combination while the offline UPS directly supplies power from AC mains to the load.

What is an Online UPS?    

In an online UPS, the batteries are always allied to the inverter, so it isn’t essential to have a power transfer switch. Thus, when power failure occurs, the rectifier just drops out of the circuit and batteries keep the current flow unchanged and the power remains steady.

Therefore, when the power is restored then, the rectifier resumes carrying most of the load and also begins charging the batteries. However, the charging current may be limited for preventing the high-power rectifier from overheating the batteries as well as from boiling off the electrolyte.


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