Nexus Servo Voltage Stabilizer’s output voltage is monitored & sensed continuously by a control circuitry which controls the movement of a low speed high torque bidirectional stepper synchronous motor operating to step down or step up the input voltage as per the sensed difference in voltage using a series buck-boost transformer & a continuously variable voltage auto transformer combination.


CharacteristicsSingle PhaseThree Phase
Input Voltage180V-260VAC310V-450VAC
Output Voltage230V+/-1%400V+/-1%
Frequency47-53 Hz47-53 Hz
Operating Temp-8°C to 50°C-8°C to 50°C


* Wide input range

* Designed to perform in hostile power conditions

* No output wave-form distortion

* High efficiency

* Auto manual operation facility


* CNC Machines

* Xerox Machines

* Embroidery Machines

* Printing Machines

* Plastic Molding Equipment

* Electro Medical Equipment

* Scientific Instruments

* A/C Plants

* Elevators

* Precision Industrial Machinery

* Industrial Plants

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