Is Online UPS a must for Offset Printing and Rotogravure Printing Machines?

Offset printing and rotogravure printing are dominating printing technologies besides the digital printing revolution of the present era. The markets are booming, and the business is zooming because of the immense growth and enormous demands.

However, the prevailing cut-throat competition in the market has diluted the prices and soar the customer demands in addition to their expectations to receive immediate supplies leading to additional stress and cost on the manufacturers on both accounts, that is low prices and quick deliveries.

And in such a competitive scenario if the cost of service and breakdown also gets added in the price, it just becomes impossible for one to run the show set aside to sustain. 

So, shall one close the show?

No, it is the time to judiciously adopt best manufacturing practices and the best inputs to drastically cut on the cost of service and breakdown to keep the prices under check along with delivering the goods in time at short notice by increasing the productivity. 

And above people prefer latest machines to improve quality, increase productivity, enhance pace and build efficiency in manufacturing processes without compromising in anywhere irrespective of the nature of business.
 Where is the culprit?

More than 70% of machine failures are because of irregular and distorted electrical power supplied by the utility on account of undervoltage, overvoltage, brownouts, harmonics, spikes, surges and many other infused impurities that distort the sinusoidal waves and deliver poor quality power. 
Leading consultant’s failure analysis reveals that more than 60% of premature components failure electrical/electronics are because of deviated electrical power supplies from the specified power supply on various grounds including voltage, frequency, waveform and many more.

Failure analysis by leading power consultants reveals that 40% of premature failure of electrical & electronic component is attributed mainly to the fluctuations in voltage, frequency and waveform.

And, this gets compounded with failure of the Online UPS and the voltage stabilizers installed in the system to cope with electrical power irregularities and deliver the standard power to the machines as desired by the manufacturer. 
What should one do?
There is no standard rule of the spikes or the voltage fluctuations one can encounter, and one has to install the latest and state-of-the-art technology equipped UPS to stay ahead of the eventualities to successfully handle them whether the fault is arising from the utility or the nearby neighbourhood.
The installed safety gadgets for assuring stable electrical power like UPS, Voltage Stabilizers and Isolation transformers should be reliable and trustworthy with a proven track record of providing stable power to the machines without fail, on the face of all mis-happenings: natural as well as failures that arise from poor utilities or irresponsible neighbourhood.
From where to procure a reliable Online UPS?
Nexus Online UPS is a single product to answer all manufacturers power-related problems, worries and nightmares to smoothly run manufacturing without breakdowns or any other service cost.
We are decades old established manufacturers of online and off-line UPS with hundreds of incredible success stories and thousands of UPS successfully operating across PAN India/world in various industries. 
With a huge team of online research scholars and professionals, we rely on research and innovative measures to be taken in advance to cope up with the inevitable failures one can think of even before the first fault has occurred in the industry; owing to which we have several first to their credit in the UPS industry.
We are the first and the only manufacturer to manufacture 4KVA Line Interactive UPS. 
Way back in 1989, we were also the first to launch Ferro resonant type online UPS System with CVCC charger.
We are even the first and the only manufacturer in India to design a 10 watts Line Interactive UPS system.
Our UPS are built, keeping in mind the most stringent Indian harsh weather conditions, pathetic electrical supply, and the technical glitches one can encounter during normal operations. Our UPS utilizes the best quality material available across the world to let our UPS keep performing even after their extended warranties and expected life-times surpass. 

All our products are inspected to extreme preciseness and accuracy to perform in the most stringent environmental and harsh working conditions successfully. We hire the best talent pool of professionals to deliver the utmost quality in all their endeavours: technology, product and service.
What is the best solution to keep all the power failures at bay?
A combination of an Online UPS along with an Isolation transformer is an unbeatable solution to reduce service and breakdown expenses, that leads to production loss due to electricity failures or machine failures that halts the entire production process, where a single minute loss may surmount to lakhs and matters a lot.
Where are Nexus UPS installed?

Nexus UPS are working in more than 48 offset printing and 37 rotogravure printing units. A few of them are:

1) Grand Prints Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, – 200 kVA
2) Amber Press, Lucknow – 200 kVA, 100 kVA
3) Office India Pvt.Ltd. – Kundli – 80 kVA
4) NageenPrakashan, Merrut – 120 kVA
5) Venus Offset, Merrut – 60 kVA
6) Colour Plast, Noida – 60 kVA
7) Royal offset printers naraina 40 kva
8) Md. Printing and packaging haridwar 120 kva
9) Rotopack Inc Meerut 40 kva UPS