Industrial UPS

Consistent supply of voltage in Industry is the highly important as various machinery functions for longer duration. Industrial UPS is a great appliance to assist in every Industry for the production of regular power supply and security from voltage in fluctuation. Inconsistent voltage supply could lead to voltage in fluctuation to the machinery and it can damage them permanently causing you a major loss.

In a country like India, where the irregular power supply is a common norm, having an UPS is highly important to protect from critical loads from the main supply issues like spikes, fluctuations, voltage dips and complete power failure by the help of an Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply. In case of running an Industry you should not a chance with your machines and power supply. An UPS is a great deal and for Industry 10 KVA online UPS is a great use. So you have decided you’ll buy an Industrial UPS to be used in your industry but what kind 10 KVA UPS should you buy:

A UPS that protects Industrial loads should contain features like sound metering and alarm with other reporting capabilities. It helps you to alert if there is any issues and shows reports to figure out the changes and fixation. It should be energy efficient up to 5% of energy saving. Your 10 KVA UPS should be able to support management, whether via a network management card or simple web interface, and protocols. Nexus UPS Systems are popular Industrial UPS manufacturer in India which offers an extensive range of exceptional products.

Industrial UPS

Features of Industrial UPS:

• Isolation Transformer for added protection

• Static & Manual Bypass (Optional)

• True On-line Double Conversion UPS

• High Transient Response

• High Efficiency

• Constant Voltage Constant Current Charger

• Wide Input range (340-460V)

• Pure Sine Wave with Isolated output

• Generator Compatible

• Soft Start Facility

• Crystal Controlled Frequency

Applications of Industrial UPS :

• Network servers

• Data Centres

• Printing machines

• Industrial PLC’s

• Industrial Processes

• Elevators

• Medical Equipment