Industrial UPS Manufacturers in India

Are you looking for Industrial UPS?

Nexus UPS is one of the best Industrial UPS manufacturers in India.

Consistent supply of voltage in Industry is highly important as various machinery functions for a longer duration. Industrial UPS is a great appliance to assist in every Industry for the production of regular power supply and security from the voltage fluctuation. Inconsistent voltage supply could lead to voltage fluctuation to the machinery and it can damage them permanently causing a major loss.

In a country like India, where the irregular power supply is a common norm, having a UPS is highly important to protect the critical loads from the main supply issues like spikes, fluctuations, voltage dips and complete power failure. In case of running an Industry, you should not take a chance with your machines and power supply.

Nexus has more than 4 decades of experience in manufacturing Industrial UPS.

There is a lot of difference between Home/Domestic UPS and Industrial UPS.

Industrial UPS Manufacturers

Nexus Industrial UPS gives uninterrupted power supply with clean output. We are known for our services. The Nexus Industrial range is specially developed to ensure power continuity in all sectors deemed critical due to the specific environmental conditions or industrial processes requiring protection.

Compatible with industrial environments: The mechanical structure of Nexus Industrial UPS makes it particularly versatile for use in many different sectors. The UPS module has a front to back airflow, allowing the UPS to be installed in any environment and preventing the types of ingress problems associated with it.

We have 80% repeat customers.

Nexus UPS uses IGBT based charger which results in better Input Power factor. Thus Customer electricity bill is reduced.

Customer electricity bill is also reduced because the IGBT based charger takes less Input current.

Last but not the least advantage of Nexus Industrial UPS is better efficiency because of IGBT based charges and many other things used in it.

Nexus Industrial UPS has wide Input range so that customer has no need to put servo stabilizer to give the optimum voltage required by many other UPS System. How Wide Input range Helps reduce the customer cost.

If Customer has to put 30 kva Servo Stabilizer for 20/30 kva Industrial UPS. The additional cost of 30 kva Servo Stabilizer (Which will be somewhere in the range of 60- 80K) and the more equipment we have more is the electricity bill.

Because these systems itself takes some current from the Input, thus reducing the cost of electricity will be there if the UPS does not have wide Input range.

Nexus Industrial UPS is available in versions from 10 to 250 kVA (Three Phase Input –Three Phase Output).

Features of Industrial UPS:

• Inbuilt Isolation Transformer for critical load protection against spike, surge, blackout, brownout, voltage and frequency fluctuations.

• Designed specifically for industrial loads (motors, drives, transformers, production tools)

• Ratings from 10 kVA to 250 kVA.

• Isolation Transformer for Better Performance

• Static & Manual Bypass (Optional)

• True On-line Double Conversion UPS

• Micro Controller based High-Frequency PWM Technology

• High Transient Response

• High Efficiency

• Constant Voltage Constant Current Charger

• Wide Input range (340-460V)

• Pure Sine Wave with Isolated output

• Generator Compatible

• Soft Start Facility

• Crystal Controlled Frequency

Applications of Industrial UPS :

• Network servers

Data Centres

• Printing Equipments

• Industrial PLC’s

• Industrial Processes

• Elevators

• Moulding Machines

• Embroidery Machines

• Domestic electronic equipments

• Security systems

• Networks Servers

• Medical Equipment

• Emergency Devices

• Telecommunication systems

• Local Area Networks (LAN)

• Storage devices and Critical Workstations

• Critical Machinery Load

Specification Of On-Line UPS System (10kva to 250kva 3/3Ø)

Input Voltage

Three Phase

Voltage range

340 to 460V


45-55 Hz


Output Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

Output voltage

415V/400V/380V (adjustable)

Output voltage regulation

+/- 1%

Output Frequency

50Hz +/- 0.01%

Output Isolation

Galvanic Isolation

Power Factor

0.8 to unity(0.9 optional upto 30KVA with extra charges)


Less than 3%


Micro controller based Hi Freq. PWM

Overload Capacity

110% for 10 Min.

Crest Factor


Transient Recovery

Within 3 cycle


Charger Type

Constant Voltage Constant Current

Charging Mode

Trickle, Float & Boost


Operating Temperature

0-45 °C


90% Non Condensing

Noise Level

Less than 45dB


Transfer Time

0 ms


10 - 30KVA

895 x 460 x 910

40 – 60KVA

1150 x 505 x 1040

80, 100, 120KVA

1700 x 690 x 1400

160 – 250KVA

1910 x 765 x 1495