Reliable and Sustainable Online UPS for Hospital

Modern-day healthcare providers and hospitals don’t leave any stone unturned to provide outstanding services to their patients. They provide excellence in service via hefty reliance on the spotless and precision performance of chic technology-based medical equipment like imaging modalities, patient monitoring, Lasik surgical equipment, cardiac cauterization systems and other sensitive electronic systems. The safety of patients, reliability of equipment and drawn-out lifecycle of components are requirements that differentiate medical devices and medically approved power supplies from commercial electronics. 

All the medical equipment is tremendously vulnerable to damage and disruption caused by power eminence problems. When that happens, spontaneous and accurate treatment and diagnosis is impossible. That’s why there are no replacements for medical-grade blue ribbon power backup systems.

Nexus Power Systems provides high standard products and solutions for healthcare and hospitals facility that is planned to prevent power associated damage, ruin and disruption to safeguard high-level medical equipment to perform as they were envisioned. These UPS offer all-inclusive uninterruptible power systems condition notifications, high surge overload capacity, and clean electrical settings to maximize safety and performance in patient contact applications.   

UPS supplies for hospitals environment must provide world class performance and trustworthy. Whether it is dynamic equipment or MRI scanners, electric lift for passenger lifting, or significant IT networks in hospitals, todays medical equipment and devices are progressively dependent on clean and unceasing power. However, any commotion or fluctuation can factually mean the variance amidst life and earth.  

Proven Dependability

Nexus UPS has a proven achievement of providing dependable medical UPS across the Indian Healthcare Sector, to health boards, across the emergency services and private healthcare provider. 

Efficiency & Safety 

Nexus UPS for hospitals providers standby to the most rigid safety standards. We at Nexus Power System Online UPS manufactures both single and three-phase UPS which merge inflexible resilience with improved energy efficiency, reducing your energy costs and ecological trail.    


NEXUS UPS power supplies for hospitals come with user -eccentric communications and supervising competences with the comprehensive suite of procedures found in hospital environments. 


At NEXUS, we provide an array perfect solution, while our specialist’s teamwork with you to customize bespoke medical UPS systems that meet your own precise requirements. 

Features of NEXUS Online UPS for Hospital 

  • Advanced technologies – Standby Optional
  • Single Phase / Three Phase UPS
  • High input power factor
  • IGBT Module and Latest PWM Technology
  • Built-in Maintenance bypass switch
  • Cold Start function for starting from batteries
  • Extended runtime with external battery
  • Jam-packed safety from short circuit, overload, unsafe voltage levels.