Online UPS for CNC Machines

The innovations in the engineering sector and the industrialization brings in countless magnificent products along with superb quality, rich specifications, and excellent features. With these Innovations, came the CNC machines in the limelight without which getting such quality is a nightmare and increasing production efficiencies to keep the pricing under control and meeting the ever-rising prices is a wild goose chase.

However, innovations and high-tech machines never come alone; they bring with them a large bundle of problems and new challenges to overcome. And, one such challenge is to get the quality electrical power to run these CNC machines to work effectively without fail and breakdowns.

The failures and the breakdown of these CNC machines bring the production lines to a direct standstill without any alternative to run the process and put the things back on the rails. Here, we will be exploring how one can make the maximum out of these CNC machines and could reduce the payback period or bring down the cost of the operations by keeping the plant running and cutting drastically on the service and breakdown expenses. Stay with us.

Why has Electrical Power all of a sudden become a problem?

With the changing times, changes the technology and with the changing technologies change the inputs required to run the industries.

Traditional machines were not that sensitive to the power quality as the present days CNC machines are. Their controllers or the brains comprise of complex electronic systems and microcontrollers. To run them properly, they demand quality electrical power against when compared to the traditional machines, which were rough and robust to handle the ups and downs of the incoming power supply.

Whereas, the CNC machines require a specific voltage at the right frequency as per the standard specifications mentioned by the manufacturer with zero tolerance. In case of even a slight deviation from the prescribed norms, the results are devastating, making CNC machines to behave erratically, resulting in erroneous output or merely resulting in a breakdown.

So, what to do?

One has to ensure the quality of electrical power fed to the CNC machines irrespective of the quality of the electrical power received from the utility or the assurances of providing inbuilt stabilizers and power supplies in the machine controllers.

The CNC machines have their inbuilt power supplies, then why one has to worry about the power quality?

The CNC machines controllers are designed with the power controllers that can rectify the incoming electrical power to a certain extent only and cannot even save them from sudden over voltages and under voltages, leave aside the spikes and surges.

The utility electrical power is subject to several over voltages and under voltages depending upon the immediate loading and unloading of the heavy machinery in ones near the neighbourhood. It may even lead to sudden voltage and surge, which cannot be controlled but can only be bypassed by isolating the electrical supply feeding one's CNC machines.

Therefore, one needs either an independent electrical power system or some mechanism that can isolate one's electrical system from the incoming supply.

How to achieve the specified quality power to run one's machines?

Online UPS with builtin isolation transformer, is the undisputed solution to isolate the electrical power being fed to the inhouse machines from the utility received power supplies at one's premises besides the neighbourhood surges and spikes.

What does Online UPS do?

The Online UPS provides a standard uninterrupted power supply at the output, which is supplied to the installed machines irrespective of the incoming power supply fed at the UPS. The Online UPS provides the required standard rectified power from its battery bank as per the machine's specifications irrespective of whether there is any incoming power supply or not.

It is not dependent upon the quality of the power it is receiving to feed the machines installed at the output. It converts the AC received to DC while charging the batteries and then finally converts the DC available at the batteries to AC to completely isolate the incoming power received at the premises from the supply that is supplied to the machines.

Thus, ones's CNC machines receive the right quality power irrespective of what is available at the premises.

Normally 10 kva Online UPS is required for CNC machine. But Capacity of Online UPS depends on CNC machine

What is the role of an Isolation Transformer here?

The isolation transformer galvanically isolates the electrical power supplied to the machine from the utility power or the power available at the premises.

It saves the CNC machines or the connected output from the earthing problems that arise at the substation ends and can electrocute the operator or result in machine failure for no cause of their own

Conclusion – A combination of an Online UPS along with an Isolator is an unbeatable solution to reduce service and breakdown expenses besides saving on production loss due to electricity failures or machine failures that halts the entire production process, where a single minute loss matters a lot, and the loss goes in thousands if not lakhs.

A healthy electrical power supply makes all the difference saving you a fortune, not just one's CNC machines.

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