What You Should Know about On-Line, Double-Conversion UPS Systems


So, you need protection for your system?

Right, you need a UPS. UPS is the lifeline of any business in the prevailing, highly connected data-centric environment. From few server racks to a small data centre to some back-office network closet nothing can be left to chance to be affected by the power outages or poor-quality power to get damaged and halt the entire system for an unknown duration.

But then there are different types of UPS, and all are for the protection of the systems where a single second power failure can be a disaster. Depending upon the type of the load, level of the protection and your budget, you could select the one which suits your requirements and meet your budget.

A wrong selection could lead you in trouble on the one hand by downtime, data loss or damage of the equipment itself, and could drain your pocket on the other side. Therefore, selecting the right UPS for protecting your system is a must, and the wisdom lies in clearly understanding your need and opt for the best selection.

What is the different type of UPS?

Broadly speaking, the UPS are divided into three different categories depending upon the type of utility and the requirement they are designed to meet.

1) Off-Line UPS

2) On-Line UPS

As mentioned earlier, all are different from others in respect of application, design, utility and budget. The Off-Line Ups is the most economical while the Online, Double Conversion UPS System is the most expensive and the Double Conversion UPS system provides the perfect protection when money is not the criteria, but the protection is critical at all times without fail. Let’s have a closer look on On-Line, Double Conversion UPS Systems.

What is On-Line, Double Conversion UPS System?

The Online, Double conversion system provides the Online protection of the highest level of protection to servers in data centres, server rooms and network closets. They deliver power to the connected systems in a two-step process.

What is this two-step process of On-Line, Double conversion UPS System?

The two-step process delivers the power to the system in two steps.

1) They first convert the incoming AC supply to DC supply.

2) Next, the convert this converted DC supply of the first step back to AC power. But this power differs from the earlier AC power, as it is AC conditioned power with a pure sine wave to keep your system intact and isolated from the type of power supply you are receiving irrespective of all types of voltage irregularities, frequency variations, noise in the system because of EMI/RFI and all other types of power problems that can exist in the system.

What does the two-step process of On-Line, Double conversion UPS system do?

They provide the clean AC power to the connected system, which is a pure sine wave and provides the complete protection to your system from any kind of fault or outage in the input power. From voltage irregularities to frequency variations and from EMI/RFI line noise to any other spikes or surges in the input power, the Double Conversion UPS system eliminates all and filter out any flaw in the power.

They carry an Automatic AC bypass that keeps on constantly supplying the clean and pure power in case there is some internal fault or overload in the system. Thus, these UPS are used to protect the most critical systems where the quality power is a must to the system whatsoever comes the way.

So, why these Online, Double Conversion UPS systems are best for perfect protection?

There are many reasons for their selection, and here they go-

1) Effective Isolation of the load – The Online Continuous double-conversion process provides with effective Isolation to the connected load from the defective power and thus keeps the connected load safe and sound irrespective of the power feeding the system.

2) Safe transfer in zero seconds – In continuous double-conversion process UPS, the DC to AC power conversion is an integral part of the regular operation. Therefore, the transfer time between the power failure and backup power restoration is exact zero milliseconds. Thus, there is no risk of data loss or data corruption, whatever the case.

3) Perfect Voltage regulation – The double-conversion process provides ideal voltage regulation and continuously provide with output within 2% of perfect voltage.

4) Dynamically intelligent – The double-conversion process works on power management software and thus allows the remote management of the entire system, including monitoring, operating and reboot of unresponsive gadgets from anywhere in the World, at any time.

5) No manual restart after battery dies of – The double-conversion UPS are battery independent making system to keep working even after the battery dies of. They are designed to pass through power after power restore, even if the battery has died. This prevents restarting of the remotely installed systems manually at midnights (even if the battery dies).

6) Frequency conversion and regulation – The double-conversion UPS provides with a perfect frequency at all times, irrespective of the incoming frequency. The double-conversion ensures a correct frequency by regulating or converting the frequency to the desired one and saves the connected loads from being getting damaged.

7) Extended runtime by daisy-chaining – The battery backup runtime can be increased any time by adding external battery packs which let the system sustain in lengthy power outages. As the extended battery packs support the daisy-chaining, the runtime can be easily extended to practical meet any grave requirement. And, above all these battery packs can be easily plugged in to extend the run time.

Conclusion – The On-Line, Double-Conversion UPS Systems are the most effective UPS that are required where the highest level of protection is the prime criteria irrespective of the cost of the UPS to protect the data centres, server rooms and other network closets. Though they have higher operating cost, releases much more heat and have poor efficiency, but still, they are the preferred choice for all of the highest level of protection data centres, server rooms and other network closets.

Nexus, an established manufacturer of off-line and online UPS systems with many success stories and firsts to their credit builds the UPS with world class highest quality standards by using the World trusted branded components from the original manufacturers, from last more than thirty years. Their UPS are exclusively built to fit the most stringent Indian harsh weather conditions to perform year after year without fail. They were the first and the only manufacturer to manufacture 4KVA Line Interactive UPS. Way back in 1989 they were also the first to launch Ferro resonant type online UPS System with CVCC charger. Here they didn’t stop, they are even the first and the only manufacturer in India to design 10 watts Line Interactive UPS system.

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