Online UPS have become the lifeline of all the electronic gadgets irrespective of the applications they are catering to. With the revolution in science, technology and sophistication in the field of electronics, no doubt the gadgets have added to our comfort and convenience but they have also become so sensitive to quality power that a single cycle of the poor quality power could be disastrous to the life of the equipment and can damage it beyond repair. Therefore, the quality power has become critical for the proper functioning of the gadgets and to keep them working at least for their expected life tenure.

Electronics, computers and data are driving the World, no matter which sector you are. Wherever you are, and whatsoever you are, you are always in touch with the electronics, computers and data in one way or the other. And if you are associated with them, then you are linked with the UPS somewhere here or there.

So, what are these UPS about?

The UPS stands for the uninterrupted power supply and broadly provide continuous power supply to the connected load or the gadgets to let them perform continuously without any malfunctioning or disturbance at their full efficiency. These UPS are intended to replace the utility power immediately in case of power failure or any drop in the voltage beyond the dangerous level to prevent the connected load from getting damaged. These UPS also provide the protection from surges, spikes or other faults that occur at the bus feeding the load depending upon the type of the UPS.

What are the types of UPS?

There are two types of UPS –

1. Offline UPS

UPS are those UPS that provide power directly through the UPS and bypass the inverter to the output. When there is a power failure the bypass switch connects the inverter to the output and the connected load is supplied via battery through an inverter, which gets charged during the utility power supply and feed the load during a power failure or power dropping beyond acceptable limits of the load.

Operating time in the UPS is quick, but detection time is more, and it prevents UPS from working quick enough to let the transfer take place undisturbed. Therefore, the load gets a momentary power off for a partial cycle making it unreliable in comparison to the Online UPS.

Online UPS

In online UPS, the batteries always remain in the system, and even the power transfer switch may be eliminated. During a power failure, the rectifier gets out of the system, and the batteries keep on providing the steady power to the load.

Power restoration the rectifier is again brought in the system to charge the batteries and supply the power to the load. Online UPS provides complete isolation of incoming power and sensitive loads.

Online UPS are of broadly two different types

1) On-Line, Line-Interactive UPS

2 On-Line, Double Conversion UPS Systems.

Where are On-Line UPSto be installed?

Online UPS are a must to be installed in all those systems wherever the following applications are required.

1. Voltage regulation – The Online UPS system provides live voltage regulation to let the voltage keep on continuously regulating for all variations in voltage to provide a constant voltage supply to the connected load irrespective of the voltage supplied by the utility. In case the variation exceeds the acceptable voltage, then the complete power is supplied by the UPS. Therefore, the Online UPS are required in those areas where a constant voltage is required by the load and a slight variation beyond the limit could be disastrous for the connected load.

2. Surge Protection – Online UPS provides superior surge protection to the connected load and are used where ever clear surge protection is the basic need of the connected load and any surge in the incoming supply could wreak havoc and damage to the load beyond repair. As the Online UPS provides potent protection against these surges, they are therefore installed in all such loads where surge protection is to be guarded effectively.

3. Noise Protection – The magnetic and the electrical fields in the system results in noise and harmonics in the system and results in either permanent damage of the equipment or leads to malfunctioning of the equipment or premature failure depending upon the intensity of the noise. The Online UPS provides substantial shielding against these noises and harmonics and are therefore a must for the applications where the equipment is sensitive to these noises.

4. A Pure Sine Wave is a must – Wherever the equipment needs a pure sin wave the Online UPS is a must as they supply a pure sine wave power to the load irrespective of the type of power received at the input. They generate their own AC output after converting the received power to DC and then again converting it to AC, so as to let the connected load work at a pure sine wave, no matter whatever is the quality of the utility power. Therefore, Online UPS is a must for all sensitive loads where the quality of the power is of dire importance and cannot be compromised.

5. Switchover time from utility power to UPS – The transfer time of power from the utility power to UPS matters significantly depending upon the type of sensitivity of the connected load. The Online UPS switch over the power within two to four milliseconds to let the sensitive loads keep working without any interruption or malfunctioning. Thus, Online UPS are vital for all the sensitive loads; otherwise, the Offline UPS will result in a slight interruption in the power transferred which is fatal for the sensitive loads connected. To keep them working a quick transfer is a must and Online UPS can only provide it.

What are the applications of On-Line UPS?

1. Computers, Data Centres, Server rooms, Search Data Centres – The Online UPS are vital for all the computers and the data centres where even few milli-seconds of power disruption is not acceptable and can result in data loss, system corruption or hard-disk failure beyond repair. Therefore, On-Line UPS are necessary to be installed before every system.

2. Network Operation Centres – The network operation centres, also known as network management centres, where the network monitoring and control endeavours over a computer hub, satellite network or telecommunication network. Quality power round the clock is vital for them as a single second disruption could lead to a significant halt bringing the entire system to closure or massive loss. A single second delay in communicating the information could be disastrous. Therefore, network operation centres cannot work without On-Line UPS.

3. Process Industries – The Online UPS are important gadget for process industries. The industries could be from food to beverages, Chemicals to pharmaceuticals, petroleum to coal, plastic to rubber, textiles to embroidery and knitting machines, Medical equipment to digital printing machines, etc. All process industries run on On-Line UPS as a single disruption in any machine could result in a huge loss of millions. A single machine disruption would stop the entire chain of running processes. The process industries cannot afford the breakdown for even a single minute; therefore, installing Online UPS is a must for them. Not only breakdown but even a slight malfunctioning would result in heavy loss.


The Online UPS Systems are the most effective UPS that are required where the highest level of protection is the prime criteria irrespective of the cost of the UPS to protect the data centres, server rooms, network operation centres, other network closets, process industries, medical centres, diagnostic monitors and other mission-critical equipment. Though the On-LineUPS are expensive but are vital for sensitive equipment.

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