20 KVA Online UPS

The Nexus Online UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply that is incorporating Double-Conversion Technology. The double conversion principle basically used to eliminate all power disturbances in the Mains supply. Therefore, 20 KVA Online UPS totally fits for running heavy loads like ACs, Pumps at gas stations, and Industrial Motors etc. Additionally, even the highly sensitive medical equipments such as life support systems or I.C.U. unit machines work flawlessly with this online UPS.

20 KVA Online UPS provides your devices with an independent, stable, no break source of clean, and transient free uninterrupted power supply that comes with output neutral bonded to the ground. So, basically it protects the critical loads against power line disturbances as well as the loss of commercial power. Moreover, it provides regulated Output Voltage under several Input conditions such as power failure, surge, frequency instability, sag, spikes, noise, and harmonic distortions.

The long power cuts, the fluctuating voltages along with the disrupted power supply have become a common norm in India. So, 20 KVA UPS is good for your offices and homes as it provides constant and smooth power supply constantly.

The true advantage of the 20 KVA Online UPS is that it can provide an electrical firewall between your sensitive electronic equipments and the incoming utility power. In our Online UPS, there is a rectifier, and a battery backed inverter which is with under voltage, over voltage, short-circuit protection along with a high degree of Input to Output isolation, and an auto float cum boost charger.

Moreover, 20kva online UPS price is very high in the market which is hard to sustain them. Nexus UPS provides a minimum 20kva UPS price so that we can make it easily affordable for the customers without any inconvenience in their budget. Buy your 20KVA UPS easily and in lesser time with Nexus, one of the largest 200 KVA UPS manufacturers and suppliers.

20 KVA Online UPS

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